Google Smart Contact Lens Measures Glucose Levels By Analyzing Wearer’s Tears

Google is working on a project to help diabetics to avoid getting pricks to measure their blood glucose levels. Google’s smart contact lens will help the diabetic patient to measure their blood glucose levels by just wearing them onto their eyes and it is expected to be on the market before 2019, according to reports on The Indian Express. This could potentially remove the need for diabetics to prick their fingers and draw blood to check their blood-sugar levels. Google has previously said it is speaking to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about potentially testing its lens, and that general availability of the contact lens is most likely at least five years away, reported.

New Patent Surfaces For Google’s Smart Contact Lens:

Actually, in a recent patent application, the Google showcased the potential packaging of the impending smart lens. “The eye-mountable device is mounted on the pedestal such that the posterior concave side contacts the second end of the pedestal and the eye-mountable device is elevated from the base of the container,” latest blog on mac says the patent application. “The opening of the container can be sealed by a lidstock.”

The Google team involved in the contact lens development is called Google[x], and it focuses on “finding new solutions to big global problems” in healthcare.

The Web giant has so far been awarded 44 patents involving contact lenses and also has another 53 patents that it has applied for, and this clearly indicates that work on the lens in the Google X research lab is certainly on.

Google’s smart contact lens to arrive by 2019:

In a recently released application, Google revealed several designs and ways in which it could package and sell these lenses. This, however, suggests that project can finish sooner than expected. A year ago, the organization declared that it was chipping away at a lens that would have the capacity to gauge a wearer’s glucose levels by dissecting their tears.

Google Smart Contact Lens Measures Glucose Levels By Analyzing Wearer’s Tears

While, according to Quartz, “However, for a project that is supposedly in the research phase, it seems an interesting step to apply for a patent on how to package the product for consumers.” Alongside these issues, many people especially diabetics are impatiently waiting for the lens to be released soon.

In response to a query whether the company was preparing to make its contact lens more generally available, a representative for Google was reported as saying by Quartz that product releases cannot be inferred from patent applications.

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