Windows 10 Anniversary Update Stuck at 0%

How do you feel when you log in to Windows following a month, find you will find changes to install, you choose to install these improvements, and people Windows updates stuck at zero percent?

Why am I speaking about Windows 7 update stuck over a website dedicated to Linux and Opensource? Because I choose to dual boot Windows with Linux. Though I take advantage of Linux as my primary PC, once in a while, I do join to Windows. One of the most annoying thing after signing in Windows is the Windows updates. It has happened to me on several occasions that I discovered Windows update no longer working. I choose to install the improvements, and Windows updates get stuck at 0 KB and percent, such as this:

In this tutorial, we shall observe how to make Windows update function again. The article should be suitable for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Fix Windows updates stuck at 0%

Please mind that Windows updates may be stuck at any percent as well as the key which we are planning to use would require you to install these updates again. I hope you don't realise that too inconvenient. If you're ready, let’s observe how to correct this Windows update problem.

Step 1: Press Windows+R. This may prompt run dialogue box. In here, type services.msc:

Step 2: Now it gives us to all the services installed in Windows. These services are listed in alphabetical order. Scroll down and look for Windows Update Service. Right click it and prevent it.

Step 3: Now get in C: WindowsSoftwareDistribution and remove each of its contents. Here is the file where downloaded installation files were stored. But since Windows update suck, they somehow have a problem with partially downloaded update files.

Step 4: Return to companies again (as previously mentioned in Step 1) and this period starts the Windows Update Service, by right clicking on it. Try to update Windows again. It should be performing now.

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So after you have got the revisions functioning, perhaps you will discover plenty of updates to set up at next system. Which time calls for a meme:

Jokes aside, I hope this tip helps you to eliminate Windows updates Stuck at 0%. I want that Linux like changes will also be within the list of Windows-10 features copied from Linux. I wish.

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